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Vaults Of Voltz: Electrical Contractors Insurance

Electrical Contractors Insurance

A few years ago, there was a huge property insurance claim up on the border of Victoria and New South Wales. A large commercial premises burned to the ground one night, mid-renovation. It was big dollars—well into the millions—paid out. Upon assessment, an electrician who’d completed the writing during the renovation was deemed at fault. […]

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How To Nail Carpenters Insurance

Income Protection Insurance

When you spend your days heading up the big jobs, toiling away in the blistering hot Australian heat, going at it hammer and nail, insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. While you carpenters might be deft at framing, don’t let yourself get framed if an accident occurs and you wind up nailed […]

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3 Things Public Liability Insurance Won’t Cover

We’ve all read the puff pieces about public liability insurance online, how it’s indispensable for every tradie and they shouldn’t operate without it. And while that’s true, no one touches on what it doesn’t cover. As always, we’ve gone the other way here at Go Get Insurance. So rather than spruiking a type of policy […]

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3 Essential Insurances For Carpenters

carpentry insurance

Here at Go Get Insurance, of all the insurance for tradesmen we do, carpentry insurance is the most popular. We’re not sure why. Maybe carpenters care more about their insurance, or maybe there’s just more carpenters than any other trade. Whatever the reason, they’re at the top of our favourites list. We love helping carpenters. […]

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2 Crucial Insurance Exclusions Window Cleaners Need To Know

No more fingerprints, drips, or squeegee lines, just a crystal clear, squeaky clean view. That’s window cleaners for you. Glass is something we take for granted in everyday life. There’s windows in almost every room. Unless you’re in the trade, cleaning them is something most people give little thought to. On the surface, it’s a […]

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Bring Home The Bacon – 2 Ways Tradies Can Protect Their Income

There’s nothing better than knocking the froth off a hard-earned cold one on Friday afternoon. A couple of days rest ahead before Monday rolls around and it’s time to bring home the bacon again. Being on the tools is the most important thing for a tradie. After all, if you’re not earning a crust, paying […]

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3 Important Types Of Tradies Insurance

Tradies have a physically demanding job, more so than most. It stands to reason that the exposures tradies face, from an insurance point of view, can be greater than other occupations, too. When it comes to researching and buying tradies insurance policies, there’s the tough task of wading through all of the information before making […]

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How to Find the Perfect Public Liability Insurance for Tradesmen

Tradies have more exposures than most occupations when it comes to Public Liability Insurance. The reality is, working with power tools on construction sites and in existing homes can present risks. Choosing a quality policy to protect yourself is crucial when organising public liability insurance for tradesmen. The most important factors to consider are price, […]

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Shopping Around for Tradesman Insurance Quotes?

While it mightn’t be the most enjoyable exercise you do this week, shopping around for Tradesman Insurance Quotes is an important one, nevertheless. You want to do it once and do it right. When organising Tradesman Insurance Quotes, there’s 3 main things most people consider: Price Coverage Service Most companies selling insurance policies will focus […]

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Is Contractors Insurance Important?

This is a common question. Sometimes as a tradie, you will work for long periods under the one principal contractor. This could be a builder, for example, or a leading hand of a particular trade – say a brickie or a sparkie. So why worry about Contractors Insurance? Working for the one person – your […]

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