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3 Essential Insurances For Carpenters

December 14, 2017

carpentry insurance

Here at Go Get Insurance, of all the insurance for tradesmen we do, carpentry insurance is the most popular. We’re not sure why. Maybe carpenters care more about their insurance, or maybe there’s just more carpenters than any other trade. Whatever the reason, they’re at the top of our favourites list. We love helping carpenters.

So we thought we’d put together this little guide for all you chippies out there to read. Think of it as a quick insurance health check over your morning coffee and boston bun.

Essential #1

Public and products liability insurance should be at the top of every carpenters list. Why? Simply put, it will protect you against the types of losses that can completely break a man and his company.

From the smallest sole trader to the biggest budding-builder carpenters, public and products liability insurance is king.

Essential #2

Personal protection. You want a policy that will cover your income if you need to take time off to recover from an injury or an illness. There’s a few ways to go about this:

Injury and illness insurance ”” a basic, cost-effective means of insuring your income. You can get a quick quote here on the Go Get Insurance site.

Income protection insurance ”” a more personalised, comprehensive version of the above cover with a thorough application process. Contact us to speak with a Financial Adviser about this insurance.

Workers Compensation ”” whether you need this cover or not will depend on the state you’re working in, and your business setup. If you’re unsure, have a chat with us online.

Essential #3

Tools insurance. If they get stolen or smashed up in a car accident, you can’t work. If you can’t work, you can’t earn. So unless there’s a rich relative waiting in the wings to help you in your time of need, tools insurance might be a good investment for you.

You can get a quote for that here on the Go Get Insurance site, too.

So when it comes to carpentry insurance, and insurance for tradesmen in general for that matter, these 3 essentials will hold you in good stead if something unforseen rears its ugly head.

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