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How To Nail Carpenters Insurance

December 26, 2017

Income Protection Insurance

When you spend your days heading up the big jobs, toiling away in the blistering hot Australian heat, going at it hammer and nail, insurance is probably the last thing on your mind.

While you carpenters might be deft at framing, don’t let yourself get framed if an accident occurs and you wind up nailed down to a claim scenario. That’ll knock the froth off your Friday arvo tin.

Carpenters insurance”“and tradies insurance in general”“can be a minefield if you don’t know what to look for.

Here at Go Get Insurance, we make it simple to organise the basics of your carpenters insurance. Let’s take a look at the 3 policies we offer to get you started.

Public Liability Insurance

The cornerstone of any tradies insurance is Public Liability Insurance, and with good reason.

This cover protects you against accusations of negligence from third parties where they claim you’ve damaged their property or caused them personal injury. You know, the nasty stuff that can make or break a business.

That’s why this cover comes in at number 1.

Injury And Illness Insurance

Next up for you chippies is protecting yourself and your income against an injury or illness. After all, who’s going to pay the bills if you can’t work and earn?

Simple to set up online, and cost-effective, this cover could save your skin when the chippie’s chips are down.

For a more comprehensive personal insurance cover, consider Income Protection Insurance.

Tools Insurance

Any tradie worth their salt will have a swag of trusty”“and occasionally rusty”“tools they rely on to do their job. If your tools were stolen, damaged in a fire or transit accident, could you still work and earn?

If you’re not sure, then consider a Tools Insurance policy; they’re easy to set up, cost-effective, and offer excellent protection.

Is That It?

For carpenters insurance, it’s a decent start. There are always other considerations, depending on your individual and business circumstances that might need further investigation.

Some of these might include: motor vehicle insurance, professional indemnity insurance, management liability insurance, cyber insurance, and contract works insurance.

Have a quick yarn with one of our friendly Client Managers using the chat function if you’re unsure what tradies insurance you need, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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