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2 Crucial Insurance Exclusions Window Cleaners Need To Know

October 6, 2017

Insurance for window cleaners

No more fingerprints, drips, or squeegee lines, just a crystal clear, squeaky clean view. That’s window cleaners for you.

Glass is something we take for granted in everyday life. There’s windows in almost every room. Unless you’re in the trade, cleaning them is something most people give little thought to.

On the surface, it’s a simple task. Some spray, a cloth, a squeegee to finish it off, and Bob’s your ex-Prime Minister. But here at GoGet Insurance”“like all of you window cleaners out there”“we know it goes deeper than that.

Insurance for window cleaners isn’t that straight-forward. There’s a few key area to consider when organising your coverage, particularly for your tradesman liability insurance. Let’s take a look.

Like Sands Through The Hourglass”¦

So are the accidental scratches of our window cleaner. Sand’s great at the beach, but it should stay there. It’s one of the many gritty elements that can creep into a room and potentially aid in the scratching of a glass window.

Most liability policies out there exclude faulty workmanship. This is common and expected; after all, these policies are designed to cover the resulting damage from something you might get wrong, not to fix a dodgy rushed job by less-than-diligent operators.

When it comes to insurance for window cleaners, however, this exclusion could be a serious problem.

Without getting too ”˜insurancey’ on you, what it means is that damage to the windows you’re cleaning could be deemed faulty workmanship, and therefore excluded. With accidental scratching where there’s technically no resulting damage, a policy with the faulty workmanship exclusion could knockout cover entirely. Now this depends on the insurer, but it’s a risk we wouldn’t take here at GoGet Insurance.

That’s why our tradesman liability insurance for window cleaners has the faulty workmanship exclusion removed.

A Tall Storey”¦

Internal window cleaning is generally fine up to any height under most policies. External is a different story. Speaking of stories, that’s usually where the restrictions come into play; the height or number of storeys.

The wordings and definitions differ from insurer to insurer, so make sure you read the Policy Disclosure Statement (PDS) of your policy to ensure an understanding of your coverage.

Usually the limits are 2 storeys or 5 storeys above ground level. So in reality, this means up to and including the 3rd storey or 6th storey of a building.

Some tradesman liability insurance policies use metres above ground level to measure. Once again, refer to your PDS for details of your policy coverage.

Suffice to say, you need a policy with clear definitions that provides adequate coverage for the jobs you’re doing. It will cost more for a 5 storey coverage than a 2 storey, so the jobs you’re doing will determine the level of cover you need.

For external window cleaners who work above these heights, you’ll need a more specialised level of cover. You can get in touch with us here to discuss this option.

A Million Dollar View

While you guys create million dollar views for all of your clients, good insurance for window cleaners doesn’t have to cost you anywhere near that amount of money.

Here at GoGet Insurance, insurance for window cleaners is one of our specialties.

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