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Looking for the Perfect Tools Insurance Cover?

September 9, 2016

Looking for the perfect Tools Insurance Cover? Or just some information about what these types of policies actually protect? You’ve come to the right place. Tools Insurance Cover can be a confusing subject ”” is it covered on the road, at home, on site? Do I even need it ”” maybe my home contents insurance covers my Tools? All good questions. Let’s run over a couple of points that are generally covered and generally aren’t.

Covered under Home Contents Insurance?

Generally not. Think about it ”” why does Tools Insurance Cover exist? There was a need for it: a gap in the market, room for insurance companies to design a protect to protect something that, generally speaking, wasn’t currently protected. People often fall into the trap thinking their home contents insurance covers their tools. While it’s true that some home contents policies provide some cover, it is usually a low sub-limit of 1-2 thousand dollars, and even then, it won’t extend to cover transit and away from the home premises.

Covered on the road in transit?

Generally, yes. If it’s a good quality Tools Insurance Cover, such as Go Get’s, this benefit will be automatically included. If it excludes this cover, then you should look elsewhere. With some policies, it might be an optional extra. The importance of transit on your Tools Insurance Cover is vital ”” while you might be a great driver, you simply cannot control everyone else on the road. Ensure you’re protected with this cover in the event of an accident.

We’ll answer more pressing questions that we commonly come across regarding Tools Insurance Cover in future posts. Click on our easy two-step quote process above to get yourself an obligation-free Tools Insurance quotation today.

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