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Public Liability Insurance in Queensland

September 15, 2016

If you hail from the glorious Sunshine State, you’ll probably have felt the effects of the insurance market pinch shortly after a natural disaster. But it’s not just the home and contents market that requires special attention with its insurance. Depending on your occupation, Public Liability Insurance Queensland can also require a deeper understanding.

One trade that we commonly come across who require a specialised form of Public Liability Insurance Queensland are Electricians. For the purposes of their licensing, Electricians operating in Queensland require an additional Consumer Protection Endorsement to be included in their policies. This is to satisfy the licensing requirements of the Queensland’s Electrical Safety Office (ESO).

If you plan on conducting Electrical work in QLD, ensure that your cover contains this important extension when organising quotations for your Public Liability Insurance Queensland.

Public Liability Insurance policies don’t ”˜automatically’ include this extension, and some insurance companies don’t even ask if you need it. This could put you in bind if you go ahead and purchase a policy, then apply with the ESO, only to find that your Certificate of Currency is refused.

Here at Go Get Insurance, our approach is simple: ask the question ”” ”˜Do you work in Queensland and require the ”˜Electrical Consumer Protection Cover’? If yes, we include the cover extension and the quote you receive reflects this.
Doesn’t get an easier than that if you’re an Electrician needing Public Liability Insurance Queensland.

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