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Spills, Thrills, And Cleaners Insurance

March 13, 2018

Public Liability Insurance

Keeping those balustrades sparkling, those windows crystal clear, and that carpet crumb-free can be back-breaking work.

If you don’t know what to look for, insurance for your cleaning business could similarly break the back of your wallet, while offering you little protection in the background.

When setting up insurance for a cleaning business, a good starting point is the ”˜Big 3’: Public Liability Insurance, Tool Insurance cover, and Injury and Illness Insurance (you could also consider a more comprehensive form of personal protection know as Income Protection Insurance).

These policies form a solid base of insurance for any cleaning business. But make no mistake, not all insurance policies are the same, particularly when it comes to cleaners and their Public Liability Insurance.


So you’re a window cleaner, clearing up a dull view from a tired old window overlooking a park (just setting a nice scene for you). Then you notice scratches on the glass, fresh ones, and some rogue granules on your cleaning cloth. And then you notice it has happened on several windows within the building while you were on autopilot.

A swag of double-glazed, tinted windows like this could be quite costly to repair. Let’s look at 2 potential outcomes here when you lodge a claim on your Public Liability Insurance.

Scenario #1

You ring your insurer and lodge a claim. Your insurer advises you this event isn’t covered due to a faulty workmanship exclusion on your Public Liability Insurance.

Cost – $3,278 for custom measuring and installation of new windows by a glazier, plus the stress of coordinating the whole ordeal, and a rather dim view of your off-the-shelf, slightly cheaper than anywhere else you quoted, Public Liability Insurance.

Scenario #2

Same scenario as above (keep it simple), but instead this time you were a smart little chicken and bought yourself a tradie-tailored policy from Go Get Insurance for your cleaning business.

Guess what? The Go Get Public Liability Insurance had the standard faulty workmanship exclusion removed for window cleaners.

Cost – $500 policy excess


Okay, while that example might be just short of deserving a round of applause, it certainly gives us thrills knowing our tradie clients are protected out there, and for a reasonable price, too!

See for yourself by running through the quick and easy quote process above.

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