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Vaults Of Voltz: Electrical Contractors Insurance

December 28, 2017

Electrical Contractors Insurance

A few years ago, there was a huge property insurance claim up on the border of Victoria and New South Wales. A large commercial premises burned to the ground one night, mid-renovation. It was big dollars”“well into the millions”“paid out.

Upon assessment, an electrician who’d completed the writing during the renovation was deemed at fault. Luckily, the bright sparkie had electricians insurance, and his contractors had insurance, too.

Now whether this electrician was at fault or not, it would still cost them tens of thousands in court costs to defend the accusation. And that doesn’t even touch on the cumulative mental stress going through a saga like this inflicts.

This example, sobering as it may be, is exactly why sparkies need good quality electricians insurance, particularly Public and Products Liability.

AC/DC In Queensland & Tassie

While the above example happened in VIC/NSW, it could happen anywhere. It highlights the important job electricians do, the scale and scope of their works, and how devastating a simple error, or even accusation, can be.

In the Sunshine State and old Van Diemen’s Land, the respective state governments impose regulations specifying additional consumer protection endorsements on electrical contractors insurance.

If you’re working in these states, it’s important to make sure you’re licensed to do so, and your electricians insurance has the proper extensions to protect you and your clients.

If You Spark Me Up

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