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What Policies Should you Consider When Organising Tradies Insurance?

October 25, 2016

A quick look online produces many different and confusing options ”” Business Insurance, Public Liability for Tradies, Tradesmen Insurance. Some of them appear basic and easy to set up, others have numerous sections that only serve to further confuse.

So for the everyday worker, what sort of Tradies Insurance should you be looking out for?

1. Public Liability Insurance
2. Injury & Illness
3. Tools Insurance

These three covers provide a basic cornerstone of protection for any Tradies Insurance portfolio. There are other things to consider on a case-by-case basis (things such as Workcover if you have employees and Business Insurance if you have a fixed premises/factory), but for the majority of Tradies who are mobile operators, these three policies will provide good protection for you without breaking the bank.

Now you know three of the best basic policies for Tradies Insurance, what about the best Insurer and policy for the job?

The two conventional options are to place your insurance directly with an insurer, or go through an Insurance Broker. While dealing direct with Insurance Companies might seem cheaper or easier in some cases, they also only advise on their own products and usually just highlight the benefits of their policy.You will also be on your own to deal with a claim should an accident happen. Brokers on the other hand work for you and are service professionals who understand the covers and can negotiate good premiums with insurers using their volume of business as leverage.

At Go Get Insurance, we believe we’ve struck the perfect balance between the two. We’re not an insurer; we work for you and our policies are tailored to suit Tradies and our website is optimised to provide a seamless service for our clients. In this sense we’re a Broker, but we have the backing of QBE Insurance, who underwrite all of our products, meaning we’ve negotiated exceptional premiums for our clients using the leverage of our unique market position.

Check out the Go Get difference for yourself today by starting our easy two-step quote process above.

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