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Injury & Illness

What is Injury & Illness Insurance?

An Injury policy or a combined Injury & Illness policy, pays out your nominated amount of money if you are off work for an extended time due to an injury, and if you select it, illness.

It covers you 24/7, not just at work, which is extremely important as statistics show that most injuries and virtually all illnesses occur outside of work. It’s an extremely important cover for the self-employed and small business owner who needs to be on the job and working to keep the cash coming in.

Go Get Injury & Illness Insurance provides a great level of protection and a 2 year benefit period (time it pays out for), at a competitive price. Just follow our easy two-step quote process, provide some general information, and we’ll give you cover options and a premium within seconds.

The Nuts and Bolts

A lot of tradies get asked for this cover, or told they should have it, but not fully understand what it is, or why they even need it. Combine that with a bunch of whispers from mates on the job site, and getting quotes for this type of insurance, let alone setting up a policy, can become a serious headache.

Go Get cuts through all of that hassle for you, and offers a simple, cost-effective solution for Injury & Illness Insurance, along with some other valuable information to consider along the way.

Valuable Information from Go Get Insurance

Here’s what you need to consider when getting an Injury & Illness policy:

  • An amount that you require cover for, that represents up to 75% of your taxable income
  • Accidental Injury Only, or Accidental Injury and Illness cover – there’s a premium difference, and also a cover difference. Illness doesn’t just cover ‘serious sickness’, but also internal ‘wear and tear’ injuries; something tradies can easily suffer from the rigours of their labour
  • Duty of Disclosure – you have an obligation to tell it like it is when you buy or renew a policy, make a claim, or your circumstances change
  • Type of Policy – Annually Renewable or Guaranteed Renewable – factoring General Advice and Personal Advice respectively


Go Get Injury & Ilness Insurance is Annually Renewable and factors General Advice only. A Guaranteed Renewable policy, which can provide a benefit period up to age 65 (which does impact on the premium), requires personal advice taking your individual circumstances into account. Should you wish to consider the greater level of protection and flexibility that a Guaranteed Renewable policy provides, click here.

Depending on your Business structure and location, you might require Workers Compensation Insurance if you’re a Company, Working Director, or have deemed Employees. Please check your State Government requirements to ascertain this information.

Please read the PDS for full details on policy coverage, conditions and exclusions to ensure a full understanding of the product you are purchasing.

GoGet a Quote for an easy 2-step process to get started