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Insurance for Gardeners in Australia

They call you a green thumb, but in reality, your hands are dirtier than most. The gardens you maintain, lawns you mow, hedges you trim and weeds you pull make things look a million bucks when the day’s done. But what happens when something goes wrong? It might be a small accident, or something much more serious, but the last thing you want is for it to cost you a million bucks.

Insurance for gardeners is extremely important. You work in a variety of locations, for a range of people, at various times of day, in changing weather, and on different terrain. All of these uncertain factors mean you have to be knowledgeable and aware of your surroundings. This is where things can go wrong; you can’t predict everything, and certainly not the actions of other people.

Public and Products Liability is a type of gardeners insurance that you shouldn’t trade without. It might be a small problem this time ”” a stray rock from the brush cutter hits a car or smashes a window ”” but what if next time it catches someone in the eye, or worse?

This might seem like an extreme scenario, but these things do happen, and you can’t stop someone from suing you for damages if they believe you’ve caused them injury, or damaged their property. The last thing you want at the end of a long day is to put the John Deere away, check the mail, and find a ”˜Dear John’ from an angry claimant’s solicitor.

Public and Products Liability Insurance protects you in these instances, and that’s why no gardener should trade without it.

Injury & Illness Insurance for Gardeners in Australia

The physically demanding nature of your job can lead to unexpected injuries and illnesses. When something like this happens and you can’t work, the bills don’t stop. How do you keep the money coming in? Injury & Illness Insurance.

It could be a simple tumble that breaks a bone, or a more serious injury or illness ”” Go Get Injury & Illness Cover will pay out your nominated weekly benefit (after a 4 week waiting period) until you can get back to work.

This is a very important type of gardeners insurance, so have a browse through our easy to follow quote process to view the coverage and premiums today.

Fixated on your Fiskars?

Go Get Tools insurance offers great protection at an affordable price to protect those valuable items you use day in-day out.

The most important question when considering Tools insurance is to ask yourself how a loss would impact your business trading. While most of us can handle small losses and bumps in the road, a large or total loss could be crippling.

If you fit into that category, then checkout Go Get’s Tool and Stock insurance for gardeners to see if it fits the bill.


Go Get Injury & Illness Insurance is Annually Renewable and factors General Advice only. A Guaranteed Renewable policy, which can provide a benefit period up to age 65 (which does impact on the premium), requires personal advice taking your individual circumstances into account. Should you wish to consider the greater level of protection and flexibility that a Guaranteed Renewable policy provides, click here.

Depending on your Business structure and location, you might require Workers Compensation Insurance if you’re a Company, Working Director, or have deemed Employees. Please check your State Government requirements to ascertain this information.

Please read the PDS for full details on policy coverage, conditions and exclusions to ensure a full understanding of the product you are purchasing.

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