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Plumbing Insurance in Australia

You’re a Plumber and Gasfitter; what things do you need to watch out for?

When it comes to insurance for plumbers, there are certainly a few areas to be mindful of when comparing quotes and policies. Here’s a few to think about:

Public and Product Liability Insurance

When searching for Public Liability plumbing insurance, ensure the policy includes Product Liability. This covers damage or injury arising from your completed work, and for plumbers, this is particularly important.

Water damage claims often occur weeks, months, and sometimes years after a job has been completed. A loosened fitting and subsequent dripping over time can really add up and cause a huge amount of damage. You might think that your work on that job was tip top – and it might have been – but that won’t stop someone from suing you if their property has $30,000 worth of damage to their plastering and floors.

Merely defending an accusation of negligence like this in court could well cost you $30,000, so it’s important to get a Public and Products Liability Insurance that pays your defence costs to settle these things.

Are you a Plumber in Victoria?

While searching for insurance for plumbers Australia, you might have noticed that Victorian Plumbers need a special add-on to their Public and Products Liability insurance.

Often referred to as Ministerial Orders by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), a special consumer protection endorsement is required for all Victorian Plumbers who require licensing. When searching for a Public and Products Liability policy, make sure it includes this extension, as a lot of insurance companies won’t include it.

A now a couple of special plumbing insurance points that you’ll usually find in the ”˜fine print’”¦

Welding and Hot Works

Maybe you don’t carry a massive Lincoln MIG around with you, but most Plumbers and Gasfitters will have a small canister oxy torch for the odd job at the very least. This clause can often elaborate on ”˜welding’ to include any heat-related work at all, even a small heat gun.

Make sure your policy doesn’t exclude this cover entirely, as a lot of insurance for plumbers does. If it doesn’t cover it, then a claim arising from or in any way connected with you doing the smallest bit of hot work could possibly be denied. Go Get’s Public and Product Liability Insurance policy doesn’t exclude cover when conducting welding and hot works.

It’s important to note that all policies, including Go Get’s, will stipulate that you must adhere to Australian Standards to be covered when conducting these activities. Ensure you are aware of these and operate accordingly.

Drainage, anyone? Dial Before You Dig.

Every trade has heard of Dial Before You Dig. If you’re digging drainage, it’s probably come up a few times. Some tradies will shrug it off, thinking if they’re not the Builder or Principal Contractor on the job, then it’s someone else’s responsibility; or they might just go on the word of the Builder or Principal.

In reality, unless you make the enquiry yourself, or cite the physical plans relating to the services and where you can or can’t dig, a dial before you dig exclusion on your Public and Products Liability Insurance could land you in hotter water than any Rheem or Rinnai could produce.

Go Get’s Public and Products liability insurance for plumbers removes this exclusion ”” a benefit that is unique in the market place ”” and ensures you are protected. Have a read of the PDS for full details on this benefit.

Is there any other plumbing insurance I need?

Other important areas to consider are protecting your own income and business assets; Injury & Illness, and Tools Insurance.

Let’s face it; plumbers do a lot of the grunt work on jobs. While some of the other ”˜lighter’ trades tiptoe around it, you guys are often in the thick of it. What happens if you get injured or ill and you can’t work for an extended period of time?

This is where Injury & Illness cover is important. The bills won’t stop, and you need to make sure the cash keeps rolling in. Check out Go Get’s Injury & Illness Insurance for a no-fuss, simple and fast policy offering excellent protection.

At Go Get Insurance, we know plumbers carry a lot more than plungers, clamps and pipes. Times have changed, and your tools might be vital to your trading success. Ask yourself what a loss would do to your trading ”” if it would land you in trouble, then Go Get Tools insurance for plumbers might be just what you need.


Go Get Injury & Illness Insurance is Annually Renewable and factors General Advice only. A Guaranteed Renewable policy, which can provide a benefit period up to age 65 (which does impact on the premium), requires personal advice taking your individual circumstances into account. Should you wish to consider the greater level of protection and flexibility that a Guaranteed Renewable policy provides, click here.

Depending on your Business structure and location, you might require Workers Compensation Insurance if you’re a Company, Working Director, or have deemed Employees. Please check your State Government requirements to ascertain this information.

Please read the PDS for full details on policy coverage, conditions and exclusions to ensure a full understanding of the product you are purchasing.

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