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Self Employed

Self-employed and searching for business insurance?

There are many trades out there and you might be a carpenter, brickie, concreter, roofer or painter looking for self-employed Injury & Illness or self-employed public liability insurance. Having the right cover in place to protect yourself and assets is vital when you are your own boss. The risks escalate as you employ more tradies.

Go Get understand the risks you face.

Go Get Insurance are the experts in Injury & Illness for self-employed tradies. We know your industry and are experienced in providing people just like you with the best policies at competitive premiums. We understand the professional risks you face at work each day, we “get” you and your requirements and make sure the insurance you take out has the cover you need.

Our quick online process takes out the hassle and leaves you to concentrate on your real job.

What’s covered?

Our insurance covers you for the things you really need. If you work on site, you will be well aware of the hazard potential. If you are self-employed it’s important, and sometimes mandatory, to have yourself insured for the following:

Public Liability ”” Limit your exposure to significant financial penalties by protecting your business and personal assets. The cost of damage to property or injury or death to people whilst operating your own business can be substantial and a compelling reason to take out insurance protection. If you do not have an adequate policy in place, you (as the business owner) will be liable for costs which can range from small claims right up to millions of dollars in severe circumstances. If the third party bodily injury &/or property damage is a result of our negligence, you would have the opportunity of claiming, protecting your business from the financial loss and associated difficulties.

Injury & Illness ”” If an accident happens at work or away from work, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and it prevents you from earning your income, how will you continue to meet your day to day living expenses? Or if you become sick and cannot work will your income stop too? Having an insurance policy which protects your livelihood during these times can help limit the impact of loss in earnings on your way of life and family, affording you peace of mind.

Insurance can be a minefield, so it makes sense to take out cover with a Company that understands your trade and designed polices that meet your requirements.

Please refer to the policy wording for full details of covers and exclusions.

GoGet a Quote for an easy 2-step process to get started